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October 2017

What they wanted

Quality Matters undertood research into understanding good practice for working with young people not in employment, education or training (NEETs) under the Social Inclusion Community Activation Programme (SICAP).ICAP is funded by the Irish Government and co-funded by the European Social Fund (ESF), including a special allocation under the Youth Employment Initiative (YEI)1. The research was commissioned by Pobal, who manages SICAP on behalf of the Department of Rural and Community Development (DRCD).

What we did

The SICAP programme demonstrates Ireland’s strength in engaging disadvantaged young people, including NEETs, and at the same time, offers an insight into 50 area-based, local approaches to implementation of the Youth Employment Initiative. This national study presents a unique opportunity for the work with NEETs carried out under SICAP to inform practice in other European countries. Drawing on this experience, this research aims to provide both Irish and EU audiences with well evidenced and synthesised data on ‘what works’.

A total of 19 good practice recommendations emerged from the research under the headings of engaging young people, working with young people, partnership working, and organisational development. NEETs have been recognised as one of the most difficult to engage target groups under SICAP, prompting an interest in identifying good practice for working with NEETs.

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