What is the Engagement Insight Tool?

Introducing a new validated staff engagement assessment for not for profit, semi-state and statutory services. This evidence-based tool helps you to:

  • Measure levels of staff engagement, as well as the factors that drive engagement.
  • Benchmark your organisation’s data against peers in the sector.
  • Understand how changes, such as remote working, are impacting on culture and engagement.
  • Facilitate evidence-informed discussions among staff and management on your culture and the things you need to focus on to improve.

The Engagement Insight Tool is part of an initiative to help the not for profit sector improve staff engagement and service user experience, developed for the sector by the sector. In the future, the initiative will also involve peer mentoring, information sessions and research into the strategies and factors that are most effective in creating positive workplace cultures and enhancing staff engagement in the not for profit sector.

Our most important resource is our people. This tool helps us care for our staff and maxmise our impact.

How it works?

The assessment is completed through an anonymous online form completed by staff. It takes each staff member about 5 mins, and it’s easy to administer, we send you an email that you send to your staff team. The information is managed confidentially and is only available to your organisation. Within two weeks of survey completion, you receive a detailed tailored report for your organisation, which uses graphs and charts to show your strengths and the areas where improvements efforts should be targeted. There are three types of reports available:

Report 1. Whole Organisation Current Year & Benchmark

This 20 page report shows data for one year and contrasts your results with the sector benchmark.

Report 2. Whole Organisation Current Year & Previous Year

This report compares your whole organisation’s current score with results from a previous year’s score.

Report 3. Team Report. Current Year & Whole Organisation

Reports can be produced for each team or department within your organisation. A team score is compared against your whole organisation’s score.

Employee Engagement and Why We Need a Benchmark?

Employee engagement describes the positive and fulfilling psychological state where employees feel immersed, absorbed or focused in their work. Engaged staff are strongly connected and committed to their role and an organisation’s overall mission. Being engaged makes staff happier, and while this is in of itself an important goal, research is clear this is also one of the most effective ways to increase the impact of an organisation’s work. Organisations with highly-engaged staff decrease turnover and absenteeism, as well as increase productivity. Research also shows there is also a positive impact on outcomes for service users. There are few reasons not to focus on increasing staff engagement.

This tool measures and provides an evidence-base for assessing levels of staff engagement. It also shows how you are doing on 25 engagement drivers – these are the factors that help create a work environment with high staff engagement.

Data from this tool tells an important story. It allows comparison between scores in one area compared to another (i.e., are we scoring higher in ‘team relationships’ or ‘management relationships’?). The sectoral benchmark tells you how well you compare to peer organisations in the sector. Benchmarking helps to set a standard for employee engagement from the ground up. Together this data helps you to understand your strengths and to prioritise the areas you want to improve.

The benchmark used for the Engagement Insight Tool is constantly being added to, as more organisations complete this tool. For the current number of organisations and individual responses in this benchmark, please view the table below.

Date Number of Organisations (as of date)Number of Individual Responses (as of date)
202011 organisations660 responses
202117 organisations854 responses
202240 organisations2032 responses
202344 organisations2496 responses

Why Engagement Matters

If you measure it, you can change it. Management teams often know something needs to change, or that staff could be better engaged, but aren’t always sure what to change or where to start. Engagement Insight helps you have an evidence-informed discussion on what is working, what needs to change, and how to prioritise change efforts at team and whole organisation levels.

If used once every 1 to 2 years this tool can help improve staff engagement in an ongoing way. Research shows this can increase staff satisfaction, reduce staff turnover, reduce incidents, improve productivity and help create better experiences and outcomes in the communities we serve. To find out more read the White Paper on Staff Engagement and Why it Matters.

Pricing Plan

This initiative is supported by the Wheel, and any members of The Wheel are entitled to receive a 10% discount on all costs. This discount cannot be further added to any other discounts offered by Quality Matters.

Report 1. Whole Organisation – Current Year & Benchmark

This foundation report contains your organisation’s engagement data and compares your results to the latest sector benchmark. It also contains an introduction to what engagement is, why it matters and some short guidance on how to use the tool to improve engagement.

Number of EmployeesPrice (excl. VAT)
1 – 10€650
11 – 30€750
31 – 100€1,200
101 – 300€1,500
301 – 500€1,800
501 – 1000€2,200
1001 – 1500€2,500
1501 – 2000€2,800
2001 – 3000€3,200

Report 2. Whole Organisation – Current Year & Previous Year

If your organisation has undertaken the Engagement Insight tool, your staff can complete the survey again to assess if levels of staff engagement have change during this period. This report use a series of charts and graphs to illustrate what areas your organisations has improved, and if there been any decrease in levels of staff engagement. If you purchase another standard Engagement Insight report for your organisation within 18 months, Quality Matters will provide this report for free.

Number of EmployeesIf you sign up every 18 months, the report isPrice for Non-Consecutive Years
1 – 10Free+ €250 per report/per year
11 – 30Free+ €300 per report/per year
31 – 100Free+ €350 per report/per year
101 – 300Free+ €400 per report/per year
301 – 1000Free+ €450 per report/per year
1001 – 2000Free+ €600 per report/per year
2001 – 3000Free+ €800 per report/per year

Report 3. Team Report – Current Year & Whole Organisation

If your organisation has a number of teams, sites or departments/divisions, you may want to get a report at this level. These reports show how the team or department scores compare to the overall organisation’s score. These reports can help teams set their own priorities for the areas of their culture they want to work on.

Number of TeamsPrice for Team Reports
2 – 3 teams+ €150 per report/per team
4 – 7 teams+ €175 per report/per year
8 – 14 teams+ €125 per report/per year
15+ teams+ €100 per report/per year

Who should I contact?

If you’re interested please contact engagement@qualitymatters.ie. If you would like to better understand the terms and conditions and any information in relation to the management of your data please download the service contract on If you have additional questions, please contact Caroline (+353 087 1357 819) or Philip (+353 086 060 9959).