National HIV Attitudes and Stigma Survey

HIV Ireland

September 2017

Type of work


What they wanted

HIV Ireland wanted to undertake a national research to understand how HIV attitudes and stigma has changed. This purpose of this research to identify the current levels of knowledge and attitudes to HIV within the whole population, as well as recording the experience of people living with HIV.

What we did

Quality Matters developed two surveys, in conjunction with the research steering group and drew substantially on feedback from focus groups and a review of relevant international studies. The first survey aimed to measure knowledge and attitudes within the Irish population. The second survey measured stigma and experiences of living with HIV among the population living with HIV. This combined research had a number of objectives:

  • Through structured focus groups, explore the relevance of the People Living with HIV Survey questions and bring suggestions into the survey design
  • Identify issues affecting people living with HIV in Ireland relative to stigma and discrimination
  • Gain a better understanding of the knowledge and attitude of members of the public towards HIV and people living with HIV in Ireland

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