Severe Mental Health Conditions, Trauma and Media Participation



Type of work


Severe-Mental-Health-Conditions-Trauma-Media-ParticipationWhat they wanted

Research to inform media guidance for engaging people with severe and/ or enduring mental health conditions.

What we did

Following research with people who have lived experience of mental health difficulties, print and broadcastmedia professionals and mental health organisations, a co-designed guidance document was developed. The research and guide was developed in partnership with Mental Health Reform, St Patricks Mental Health Services, Shine and See Change. It is supported by the Press Council of Ireland and the National Union of Journalists.

The guide is for use by media professionals wishing to engage people with trauma experiences or lived experience of severe mental health conditions. The guide builds on the innate compassion of media professionals as individuals, and on their professional standards of practice.

We hope the guide provides reassurance on areas of good practice, poses challenges where practice could be improved, and gives useable, practical ideas for any media professional including journalists, researchers, camera operators, sound assistants, production assistants and photographers in facilitating safe, respectful and empowering experiences for people with severe mental health conditions and other trauma.

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