Continuous Quality Improvement and Strategic Planning

Right of Place Second Chance

2013 / 2014

What they wanted

ROPSC is an organisation that provides vital supports to survivors of institutional abuse. The organisation was going through a time of growth and change, and felt that it was important to review the multi-site support service completely, look at how they could embed good practice and quality into their day-to-day working practices, and develop a three year strategic plan.

What we did

QM initiated these two concurrent processes by conducting comprehensive consultation with members of the organisation, clients, staff, management and the governing body to evaluate the perceptions of the organisations successes and challenges, and to focus on organisational priorities for the coming years.

This process also provided ROPSC and QM with an opportunity to produce new research on the needs and priorities of survivors of institutional abuse.

As well as this, a first step in the process was a detailed health check of the organisation which evaluated current health in the areas of governance, finance, health and safety, service provision and service user involvement.

Following this, we ran a number of facilitated sessions with the Board, the staff team and the manager to support the development of tailored policy guidebooks that would underpin all service provision moving forward.