Responding to Self Harm: An Evaluation of the Self-Harm Intervention Programme (SHIP)

Self-Harm Intervention Programme (SHIP)

December 2015

What they wanted

The SHIP service is a unique, specialised counselling service provided to people who are self-harming in the South Eastern Region of Ireland. They wanted to undertake a comprehensive evaluation of the programme and undertake a social return on investment of their services to determine the impact of SHIP for its clients.

What we did

This evaluation of the whole SHIP service included the views of former and current clients, families of past and present clients, counsellors, management, and professionals in other organisations.This resulted in a broad range of methodological approaches being used to meet these aims. First, the evaluation assesses the impact of SHIP for clients accessing its time-limited counselling services using the Social Return on Investment methodology. Second, a detailed analysis of the short-term outcomes for clients in relation to well-being and risk as a result of engaging with SHIP, collected using the CORE- OM tool. Lastly, demonstrates the effectiveness of the SHIP service from the perspective of the counselling team

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