Choose to Change: Evaluation of the ARC Alcohol Reduction Programme

Addiction Response Crumlin / Dublin 12 Local Drugs Task Force

May 2014

Type of work


What they wanted

ARC saw real improvements in the people who attended their community based alcohol reduction programme, and they wanted an objective assessment of how effective their alcohol programme was, and what they could do to make it better.

What we did

We worked with the staff, the clients, and the organisation’s own data to assess the changes that had taken place for people who participated on the programme. In consultation with multiple stakeholders, we developed number of recommendations for ARC, for the local Drug and Alcohol Task Force, and for other agencies who might implement a similar programme.

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What they said

Quality Matters located our research in a strategic context and considered the long-term needs of our service users and community. They effectively engaged our service users, staff team and partners in a thorough evaluation process. Quality Matters were efficient, cost effective and delivered a quality report on time. The evaluation report will support ARC to improve our services and the recommendations are also useful to other services and the addiction sector generally.

Susan Collins, Managing Director, Addiction Response Crumlin