About the Role

The COO of Quality Matters is a senior consultant, with additional shared responsibility, alongside the CEO, for the overall operation of the organisation. 85% of the role is dedicated to consultancy work and 15% to supporting organisational operations and management. The COO will work closely with the CEO and senior management team as well as the staff team in line with our TEAL non-hierarchical model (click here for more information).

Key responsibilities


This takes 3.5 – 4 days of each week. There are income targets associated with the role. You have team supports in relation to tendering and junior researchers, we well as quality control from the CEO. We will also support you to understand and work in line with the organisational methodologies for this work. As a consultant you need to have expertise, and a CV to support you leading on work in at least four of the following areas:

  1. Impact evaluation
  2. Strategy
  3. Business planning
  4. Feasibility studies
  5. Research

6. Organisational development
7. Facilitation
8. Project management
9. Outcome framework development
10. Training

In time it is expected this person can support skill development in the team in their areas of expertise.

Strategy & Business Development

  • Supporting the development of strategy as required in co-operation with the CEO.
  • Supporting the business development of the organisation through delivery of key elements of the organisation’s plan – in line with personal interest and expertise
  • Developing tenders for new work alongside CEO and senior project specialists, managing eTenders identification of work and uploading of tenders
  • Identifying and submitting funding applications in partnership with the CEO


  • Undertaking monthly checks and balances with the finance manager and accounts officer
  • Overseeing the financial manager and accounts officer to prepare accounts for audit.
  • Overseeing system development and working with colleagues to identify improvements as relevant


Overall responsibility for ensuring good governance practices in the organisation including:

  • Working with the board to schedule board meetings, promote attendance
  • Ensuring the flow of appropriate information in relation to finance, governance, operations and other issues to the Board from the team
  • Preparing board reports and ensuring board materials are developed and sent out at the required time (board of at least seven people who meet 5 – 6 times per year and financial, governance and ethic subgroups that have time limited actions).
  • Ensuring compliance with charities regulator
  • Undertaking company secretarial duties

Human Resources

  • Supporting system development as required or prompted by our regular staff engagement surveys
  • Supporting HR including recruitment and selection, staff support and supervision, performance management etc.

Quality & Staff Development

  • In areas of experience, supporting staff in relation to projects and creation of deliverables
  • Editing reports, tenders and other deliverables
  • Providing guidance, feedback and support to staff to support improved practice and skills development, through ‘on the job’ learning and project work.

Promotion & Stakeholder Management

  • Undertaking specific projects or stakeholder management tasks
  • Presenting the organisation in media and at public speaking events on relevant areas as required

Person Specifications

Essential Experience

  • At least 5 years working in consultancy and/or management or applied research in the non-profit sector
  • Working knowledge of finance and business management
  • Understanding and experience of charity governance
  • Has at least a Master’s degree in a relevant field
  • Skilled people and process manager
  • Has experience in at least three of the following service areas:
  1. Impact evaluation
  2. Strategy
  3. Business planning
  4. Feasibility studies
  5. Research

6. Organisational development
7. Facilitation
8. Project management
9. Outcome framework development
10. Training


  • Can communicate and create meaning and connection with diverse groups, and audiences – verbally and in written form. Is engaging and has experience of public speaking.
  • Has a great eye for detail while also being able to see a larger strategic picture
  • Able to balance self-care, work-life balance, and hard work
  • Loves to learn
  • Keeps calm under pressure and has a robust sense of humour
  • Is sharp, curious and has good problem-solving skills
  • Is flexible and creative in their approach to work
  • Is strongly motivated to work in social justice


  • Experience in research
  • Experience working in the non-profit sector
  • Drivers licence


All staff have a base rate of pay and a bonus, which is awarded dependent on team performance, at year end. This rate of pay aims to close the gap between staff on slightly higher wages and those on less. We are proud of our approach, which sees junior staff on or above the 75% percentile for the not for profit sector, and junior staff at in an equivalent sized organisation.

Base Rate

€45,000 – €52,000 – this is paid @ 90% throughout the year with final 10% paid with Nov/Dec paycheck. The retained wages portion reflects the fact that 75% of our income is paid by clients in the final quarter of the year.


This rises each year for the first three years, until it reaches full rate in year three. The full rate bonus over the last two years was approximately 20% of base wages.

Hours & Flexitime

This is a full time role with flexitime built in, including where and how you work. There is a minimum attendance requirement at the Dublin office of 3 days per week.

How to apply?

Please send a CV and a cover video detailing your suitability for the position to jobs@qualitymatters.ie. Closing date for applications is close of business on 5th September 2022. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at jobs@qualitymatters.ie.